7 Ways to Style Your Woolen Blanket: Home Decor Ideas for Winter

7 Ways to Style Your Woolen Blanket: Home Decor Ideas for Winter

Winter is slowly on its way and whenever I think about winter I think about snuggling up on the couch with a good wool blanket. But have you ever thought about using your woolen blankets for winter styling around the house? Check out these great ideas. I hope you find something new to make your house look great in winter.

Drape Your Woolen Blanket Over Your Couch

This is one of the most common ideas for any Merino wool blanket. Instead of just folding the blanket on the end of the couch, try draping it stylishly. It will help make the whole room look more inviting.

Use Your Woolen Blanket as a Statement Piece on Your Bed

Yes, you already have your normal bedding, but why not add some extra style by putting in throw pillows and woolen blankets for winter? Be creative and drape your Woolen throw blanket over the bed. Why stop at one, why not have 2 or 3 overlapping in a creative way?

Layer Your Woolen Blanket Over a Chair for a Cozy Reading Nook

Do you have a favourite reading chair? One perfect for just sitting in the corner and reading for hours. Why not make it even more comfortable while also styling it up with woolen blankets for winter this year? Simply layer one or two blankets over the whole thing, and then you can also snuggle up in them while you read your book and have a nice warm cup of tea, coffee or hot choc.

Use Your Woolen Blanket as a Tablecloth for Winter Dinners

I bet you haven’t thought of this one. Add an extra cozy touch to your dining room by using your woolen blanket as a tablecloth. Your family or guests will love the soft feel and unique look as you entertain them with your amazing cooking! It will turn that plain and boring table in the middle of the room into the talking point of the room.

Make a DIY Woolen Blanket Pouf or Ottoman

Look on the internet for tutorials on making a DIY pouf or Ottoman using small side tables or pillows or whatever else may work for you. A great idea for a unique one-of-a-kind look you won’t see anywhere else.

Adding Coziness to Your Armchair

This one is a no-brainer, your armchair is probably your go-to piece of furniture for watching tv or reading a book. Why not add some extra comfort to it with a Merino wool blanket? Drape your blanket while you’re not using the armchair to add some style to your room and as soon as you sit down you will have it there ready to snuggle up in.

Creating a Warm and Inviting Space with your Blanket

All in all, there’s nothing more suited to making your room feel warm and inviting than Merino woolen blankets. Drape them over just your couch or all of your furniture! You can’t go wrong and when the weather starts warming up again after winter you can simply put them back in the cupboard ready for next year's winter look.

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