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How Merino Wool Makes the Best Blankets: A Deep Dive

Merino wool is an amazing natural, sustainable product and makes for the perfect fibre in blankets. Some benefits are its ability to regulate heat and wick sweat away from the body. Here we will go more into depth on the benefits of this amazing fibre and why you should consider buying a Merino wool throw blanket.

What Makes Merino Wool Special?

Merino wool is a completely natural, sustainable product. It’s grown alongside nature and if it ever ends up in a landfill or the ocean it will break down naturally, without harming the environment with the nasty microplastics in synthetic materials. Merino wool has some superpowers too, your merino wool throw blanket can regulate your body temperature and wick sweat away from your body. 


The Durability of Merino Wool Blankets

Instead of being thrown together cheaply and quickly, merino wool throw blankets and Merino wool baby blankets are woven with care and quality. I’ll bet you have parents or grandparents still with an old woollen picnic blanket or old bed blankets made of wool. They have lasted all of these years because of the quality that wool brings. Over the years, technology and wool growing has improved vastly; instead of itchy scratchy blankets, we can now produce super soft Merino wool throw blankets of the same or better quality.

The Softness and Comfort of Merino Wool

Traditional wool blankets are made from wool that can be upwards of 30 micron. This makes them quite itchy and scratchy against the skin. Merino wool generally ranges from 18-25 micron; we use 17 micron at Modern Merino. This finer wool makes the final product super soft, and you have no problem with itchiness against the skin. A merino wool baby blanket is the perfect option to wrap your little bundle of joy up in, it will be super soft and comfy for them. A Merino wool throw blanket is also perfect for wrapping yourself up on a cold winter's night.

How Merino Wool is Sourced and Processed

Merino wool starts its life as grass and water. You can’t get more natural than that! Sheep eat the grass and drink the water and turn it into wool. Once their fleece is long enough they get shorn which is simply a haircut for them. This wool is then pressed into wool bales and sent off to get tested. These tests include micron, average length, yield (how much is wool and how much is dirt and vegetable matter) and tensile strength (how much you can stretch it before it breaks). With these tests, processors can choose which “lines” of wool would suit them best. Once they have purchased what they need, it gets cleaned to remove any dirt and vegetable matter and then spun into yarn. That yarn is used to either weave or knit the final product.

Merino Wool Blankets and Temperature Regulation

One of the most amazing superpowers of a Merino wool throw blanket is to regulate your temperature. To prove this just look at a sheep on a hot day, it could easily have 4kg of wool covering its body. Instead of overheating from having such a thick blanket on, the wool helps it regulate its temperature and keep cool in the hot sun. If you wrap your little one up in a Merino wool baby blanket you know they won’t get as hot, stuffy and overheated as they could in many synthetic alternatives. The same goes for a Merino wool throw blanket or even a Merino scarf or shawl.

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